Past Events

2016年年关西雅图美中商会 (SUNBC) 再度携手北美房地产投资集团 (NAREIG),为西雅图的新老移民们推出美国税务简介- 2017年个人以及企业税务分享会 Introduction to U.S. Taxation。特别邀请到业界知名的两位注册会计师 张海 Tony Chang 以及 Moses Man 共同与大家聊聊美国税务,税法这个让人又爱又恨,民政两界谈论频率最高的话题.演讲嘉宾 Guest Speaker:张 海  Tony Chang CPA, MS Tax Tax & Co-Managing Member... more

US 10 years visa policy has been implemented over 1 year so far, according to National Travel & Tourism Office (NATTO) official report of 2014, China rank 6th place on top 10 origin market of international arrivals to US, growth of 21% and reached 2.19 millions arrivals in 2014.... more




... more

Franchise is not a new term and business model to most of Chinese investors, entrepreneurs and business owners. In the past decades, we have been seeing fast growth of many international and local franchise brands in China. U.S as one of the leading countries of franchise business which has been... more

With increased convenience brought from the U.S. and China 10-year visitor visa program and the recently announced new policy of outbound investment by the central government, we predict there will be another huge demand from Chinese business and high-net-worth individual investors to invest in... more

The U.S. financial system is the largest in the world. It has the greatest diversity of institutions, the widest variety of instruments, and the most highly developed derivative markets. It is also one of the most idiosyncratic financial systems in the world, characterized by an oddly parochial... more

Join us for Seattle US-China Business Council’s 2015 Spring Potluck that will make you new connections, grow your social network with professionals and experts from varies background. The purpose of the event is for the local Chinese immigrants to know each other, build relationship, get... more

Education is always one of the hottest topics of discussion in China, which traces many years. There is an old story-- “Meng Mu San Qian”, basically it tells how Meng Mu valued her son Mencius’ education so greatly, she moved her house three times in order to find the best and most suitable... more

Annual tax season has come. The compliance of reporting your tax returns is a hot topic and what everyone is concerned about.  On February 14 the Seattle US-China Business Council (“SUNBC”) will host a seminar to introduce general requirement of reporting your annual tax returns. We will invite... more