Franchise is not a new term and business model to most of Chinese investors, entrepreneurs and business owners. In the past decades, we have been seeing fast growth of many international and local franchise brands in China. U.S as one of the leading countries of franchise business which has been generated tons of franchise brands worldwide. Therefore, the franchise business model has been called the greatest business model ever invented. Its allowed people all over the world who've wanted to own their own businesses do just that.

How much do you know and understand franchise business in U.S? Seattle U.S - China Business Council invite one of most experienced and senior Seattle franchise attorneys Howard Bundy from Buddy Law Firm PLLC to present a seminar of legal and regulations of franchise.

Seminar Content:

How to Purchase a Franchise Business in U.S?

How to Manage a Franchise Busness in U.S?

How to Start a Franchise Business in U.S?

Guest Speaker Bio

Howard Bundy is a Seattle franchise and small business lawyer. Howard assists clients with transactions and disputes involving franchise issues and relationships. He limits his practice to franchising, distribution and small business issues.

For franchisors, Howard advises clients in the steps necessary to franchise an existing business or concept. He drafts franchise agreements, disclosure documents and handles the franchise registration process. He advises the client on all of the legal and related business aspects of complying with the complexities of franchise laws and regulations. He shares with each client his experience in representing franchisors and franchisees in an effort to create a franchise system that allows both parties to succeed and minimizes the risk of disputes.

For franchisees, Howard consults with people who are considering investing in a franchise. This involves determining the client's background and objectives and expectations and evaluating the franchise contract and other documents. Howard then shares with each client his 33 years of experience in franchise law and leaves each client better able to make a good business decision. His focus is on trying to be sure the client has all of the tools needed to make a decision in the client's best interest.

Unfortunately, not every franchise relationship turns out to be a happy relationship. When that happens, Howard manages or handles the dispute resolution process, whether it involves negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation. In many cases, Howard teams with another lawyer to give the client the best possible representation.
Many of Howard's small business clients are franchisors or franchisees--but not all. Howard assists clients in setting up new closely held entities--corporations, limited liability companies and otherwise. In doing so, he works closely with the client's other advisors, including their accountant. In addition to setting up the entity, many clients ask Howard to prepare contracts that they use in their business, including confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, license agreements, employment agreements, and many more. Finally, Howard assists many clients in selling or purchasing a business, including providing advice about the process and preparing documents to make the deal happen in a way that is fair but favorable to the client.

Throughout his law practice, Howard strives to give each client added value by leveraging both experience and technology to give the client a professional finished product that is cost-effective.

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