Our Mission

Seattle US-China Business Council (“SUNBC”) is a section 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization to serve Greater Seattle (and extended area) based and/or operated small & medium-sized companies and business professionals who have common interests in US-China related business. Our mission is to promote common business interests and engage in activities that are directed to the improvement of business conditions, such as to connect financial & human resources both in the Great Seattle area and China, promote members’ products & services, help them to integrate to the society, and foster goodwill among local communities.

Who We Are

We started our organization in March 2014, and formally registered as Seattle US-China Business Council in January 2015. Our founding members are a group of professionals with a common goal of serving Chinese Business Communities (“CBCs”) and are deeply passionate about US-China related opportunities. We volunteer our knowledge and time to operate this nonprofit organization under the common mission.

Our members are professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, consultants as well as companies in a broad range of industries. We value integrity, inclusiveness, openness, transparency, equality, serving, passion, and accountability.

What We Do

For new immigrants/business investors from China, you can start with SUNBC to:

  • Understand how to settle down and integrate into the local communities
  • Learn the differences between the American and Chinese cultures, protocols and business conducts, so you can adapt to the US environment and culture more easily
  • Attend events to make new friends, socialize with local Chinese community and learn about knowledge/tips for living in the area
  • Find services to help you relocate your family, handle all the process/documents, select school, rent/purchase houses, file tax return, etc.


For professionals and businesses based in the Great Seattle-area, you can work with SUNBC to:

  • Socialize with local people and businesses to develop potential customers and partners
  • Market and promote our common business interests and your products or services through various platforms provided by SUNBC
  • Get help to start, develop and grow your business through professional services provided by SUNBC members
  • Connect with businesses and opportunities in China and US
  • Improve business conditions and foster the goodwill among local communities


How to contact us?

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please email us at info@SUNBC.org