Bellevue, Washington – June 25, 2015


The Seattle US-China Business Council (“SUNBC” or "西雅图美中商会") is pleased to announce direct partnership with the Office of Business and Investment Development (the “Office”) of Lang Xi County, Anhui Province of the Peoples’ Republic of China. In the agreement, SUNBC will represent and support Lang Xi County (the “County”) and the Office to attract businesses, technologies, capitals and talents for the County’s economic development and further enhancement of attracting businesses & capitals.

Currently, Langxi focuses on high-tech and industrial projects, emerging & high technologies, and environmental protection projects. The partnership will cover initial three-year period.


About Langxi 

Langxi County (simplified Chinese: 郎溪县; traditional Chinese: 郎溪縣; pinyin: Lángxī Xiàn) is a county in Anhui Province, People's Republic of China under the jurisdiction of Xuancheng City. It is located in the southwest part of Anhui Province with close proximity to Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Hefei, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. It has a population of 340,000 and an area of 1,105 km2 (427 sq mi). Langxi County has jurisdiction over eight towns and nine townships. In 2013 its GDP exceeds CNY 9 billion.



Seattle US-China Business Council (“SUNBC”) is a Seattle Washington-based section 501(c) nonprofit organization to serve small & medium-sized companies and business professionals who have common interests in US-China related business. Its mission is to promote common business interests and engage in activities that are directed to the improvement of business conditions, such as to connect financial & human resources both in the Great Seattle area and China, promote members’ products & services, help them to integrate to the society, and foster goodwill among local communities.

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